Review: Live in L.A.
Magazine: Read Between The Lies
Written by: Ian Heran

Published: #4 November 2001


This is the last Death album. Even if Chuck survives his battle with cancer, he said that Death is dead - so to speak. As the title implies, this was recorded live in Los Angeles on their final tour. As expected, the set list leans toward the last three albums. Out of 14 songs only 4 come from the four classic albums. Two from "Human" and one each from "Scream Bloody Gore" and "Leprosy".

Of course, I knew this because I saw them on this tour. My reservations about the set list aside, this is a good live album because it is live - no overdubs, and - oh my gosh - you can hear the crowd! What a novel idea! Chuck uses his new vocal style throughout, so the old songs sound a bit different.

If you liked the later output from Chuck & guests, then this is a great disc. If you only like the old stuf, go pick up "Ultimate Revenge 2" for some raw live Death.


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