Magazine: Rock Hard / Germany
Article: Talkshow

Written by: Markus Müller
Published: October 1991

At first I thought I could not have a better guy to talk with than Dark Angel's Gene Hoglan for our talkshow. I remembered him very well from our former encounters as acute and talkative. Gene, however told me he hates wordgames, and a slight doubt came over me, which he nullified mostly during our conversation. Yet he didn't reach great enthusiasm, but read for yourself........



Fear, respect...... In this fearful time the mind is still a "soft ball" which can be hurt by anything or anybody. Everything you need to know in life you learn in the first years between the ages of 4 and 10. Everything I learned in High School I don't use anymore.


Science! I rather believe in what science has to offer us instead of religion. I believe what I can see, touch, feel, taste. Science answers a lot of my questions. As a human being, I am not conditioned to give my whole trust away to something I can't see. I must be able to control the things I believe in whether they're good for me. Nowadays, ideas from the Christian religion, to be able to obtain a higher consciousness, would demand this uncontrollable faith. That's just something I can't believe in.



Yeah! I hope I am too smart to ever have to enter a jail. I think I have learned enough in life not to commit heavy offences. Would I ever, then I hope I am intelligent enough not to get caught. Our bass player learned about the German prison from the inside on our tour with Nuclear Assault (Mike Gonzales was arrested for car vandalism with which he had nothing to do with/MM). The German police said in their endless wisdom; "here's an American Rock Star, having money, so we'll sue him". What nonsense! The police are the same all over the world, holding up their hand and saying; "give us money!". Although Mike knew who did it, he did not betray them to save his own skin. That night I was grievously disappointed by the behaviour of some people. I believe at least one of the band members learned from this affaire.


Looking in a mirror is looking at yourself. I don't waste too much time with that, thinking about myself. As soon as I do I get scared by what I see. I see in my mirror a human being striving after developing an honest and sincere character. That's the reason I make the music I love, out of honesty. If jazz would have been my favorite kind of music, I would have played jazz. When I look into a mirror, I am interested more in the spiritual side than the physical side. The outside which I see there doesn't interest me.


I have as much fear for the death as for anything that's uncertain. I can't really know what happens when I die because there are a lot of stories being told. At the moment I don't wanna die yet, so I don't think too much about it.


For this tour I took 9 books with me from home. I read them after only 12 days. I always read. When I should be sleeping, I am awake and reading. At the moment I am reading the Andrew Bashss series for the third time. Bashss is a lawyer from New York who wrote a fictive series about a man by the name of Burke. One of the main themes in his books is child abuse. Besides them, I recently read "The Philosophy Of Sex". I used to mainly read the classics. Because I just don't have enough time, I now read a lot of rubbish.... "fast food" for the mind.


I often have horrifying dreams. One of them last night; I dreamed about my uncle who recently died. Besides I dream a lot about my ex-girlfriend. When we just met, I dreamed a lot about her, but all was in perfect harmony. Now that we've seperated she's always telling me things in my dreams like: "get out of my sight, out of my life, six months together with you was enough". I also dream often about the death of people I care about, like my family.


There's a lot more human garbage and filth then you would like to believe. Hence why the lyrics on our last album are about people that are not people anymore. On account of sexual degeneration they became robots. People that don't deserve being called people any longer, because they're no more than repulsive filth. I tried to present what's going on in the red light districts behind the scenes. Many people know there's such an area in their city, where there's prostitution, drugs and porno. But they don't see what's going on in the back rooms and cellars of those houses. Red lights turn into white light. The white light of camera's filming children forced into anal sex, virgins being raped and women having sex with animals. Horrible, and perhaps for writing about it, it makes me a part of that scum also.

Markus Müller


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Translated by YK/CM for EmptyWords-Published on October 18 1999