Chuck Schuldiner's personal comment
on the Death studio albums

Magazine: Rock Hard / Germany
Article: Mit der Achterbahn in die Titty-Bar
Written by: Boris Kaiser
Published: October 1998


Scream Bloody Gore - 1987

Back then I was a completely different person. I played the guitar for only two years so the song structures were very simple. The album sounds very rough but I'm still proud of it.



Spiritual Healing - 1990

This cd suprised some people. We wanted a pure production at that time, for some people it was too pure. We lost some fans but we gained more.



Individual Thought Patterns - 1993

This album means a lot to me and also surprised some people. It was extremely progressive and had catchy melodies. The line-up with Gene Hoglan and Steve DiGiorgio was an absolute killer. Our absolute "Fuck-Limits" cd!!!


Leprosy - 1988

This record was a big step forward and made people realize we did more than only produce noise. The production was a lot better also.



Human - 1991

Human was very, very important! The cd left off with the aggression of Spiritual Healing but was far more melodic and our most progressive album until now still. We used to experiment a lot in those days.



Symbolic - 1995

Symbolic sounded more solid and less complex without getting off track. Again a great step ahead.


The Sound Of Perseverance - 1998

The new record is a good bastard of the former three and a sign in which direction we will head in the future.




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Translated by YK/AS for EmptyWords-Published on March 31 1999