Review: The Sound of Perseverance
Magazine: Rock Hard / Germany
Written by: Götz Kühnemund
Published: September 1998

It truly is unbelievable in what speed Chuck Schuldiner developed! Between the 1987 debut "Scream Bloody Gore" and the new (7th) album "The Sound Of Perseverance" technically spoken, are worlds of difference. Yet every single Death-cd has it's own charm.

The new cd, for which Chuck took about three years time, fits smoothly in the row of Death-classics, although the band cast has changed once again. Compared to the previous "Symbolic" Chucks extraordinary guitarplay has become a lot more melodic and therefore has more variety. While the distinctive style, which Death developed throughout the years (and in this genre, if comparable at all, only is comparable to Morbid Angel) never was effected by it. The characteristic vocals, which are unsurpassed on expression within the death-metal scene (every single word has power), are compared to "Symbolic" somewhat refined and lifted some higher, without loosing their recognition

The nine songs are, without exception, masterpieces, interlarded with technical tour de forces, genius riffs and breathtaking breaks. Including the closing Priest-cover "Painkiller" which Chuck provided with new guitar harmonies. Once dived in this super-complex material, best by headphones, countless rousing parts reveal, never letting you loose.

"The Sound Of Perseverance" haunts me for weeks now and probably will "trouble" me for the time being.

Götz Kühnemund


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Translated by YK/AS for EmptyWords-Published on March 31 1999