Review: The Fragile Art Of Existence
Magazine: Rock Hard / Germany
Written by: Boris Kaiser
Published: November 1999

How long have we waited for this?....... announced ages ago, we finally have it in our hands: the debut of Chuck Schuldiner's second band CONTROL DENIED.

Of course, the gifted guitarist has more important (health) problems to worry about at the moment than a new album. But until nothing definite can be told about that, we should not listen to rumors, but instead we should let the music speak for itself.

And this is, on the tastefully titled and covered album, again spectacular and actually exactly what was to be expected: technical Power Metal, at times even reminiscent of Nevermore.

The reason for this is not only the unmistakable guitarplaying of Chuck himself, (who accents notes in a similar way as the rhythm section of the "Seatle heroes"), but above all the voice of Tim Aymar. He manages, Warrel Dane-like, to sing high and clear on the one side, but on the other side almost psychotic-atmospheric, and with this adds the necessary feeling into the long tracks.

Of course this material in average is more slow than the Death output. Which doesn't prevent some of the eruptions to sound one hundred percent like the mainband. Accordingly, "The Fragile Art Of Existence" requires intensive listening, because none of the eight tracks present a musical "fastfood".

Play tip: the comprehensible and ultra seductive "Expect The Unexpected". Besides the album being constantly on the highest level, other highlights are: the opening track "Consumed", taking the band to great heights, and then supplied with a mega genius acoustic break in "When The Link Becomes Missing".

If Dream Theater was not in their second youth at the moment, "The Fragile Art Of Existence" would have been album of the month for sure!

Boris Kaiser

Rate: 9


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Translated by YK/CM for EmptyWords-Published on October 23 1999