Review: Symbolic
Magazine: Rock Hard / Germany
Written by: Wolfgang Schäfer
Published: April 1995

Evil Chuck and Mean Gene strike again with an album that leaves their rivals pretty old and deathly pale. Yes! "Symbolic" exactly is the record that Pestilence should better have recorded instead of "Spheres", Atheïst always wanted to record, and Anacrusis (alas) can't record anymore. This matured silverware is one of the best synthesis of heavy and melodic music, and leaves several bands like Dark Angel, Psychotic Waltz, Toxik, Hexenhaus and the old Kreator something to think about.

Technically speaking, the band can easily compete with Megadeth and associates. Whoever thinks I'm speaking about the lack of brutality should carefully grab his head, clean their ears from unworhty filth of the last few months and adjust to receive. Neither Pantera nor Biohazard, nor Obituary can match with this technical perfect document. It is superfluous to give any playtips, because "Symbolic" has something of everything and stays first class all the way. Bolt Thrower's output was, because of it being non compromising brute and very enchanting consequently, merely a warning of the run aground in the swamp of no imagination frigate death metal, but it's owed to "Symbolic" that the shaken genre ship is steaming ahead again on full force towards new perspectives.

An awesome, timeless good and guiding piece of work with which everything in the future has to be compared with. Subjectively even the best DEATH album anyway. Whenever Chuckie reads these lines: with the following tour we want to hear the complete album and the immortal classics of the "Infernal Death" tapes. Thank you.

Wolfgang Schäfer

Rating: 10


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Translated by YK/AC for EmptyWords-Published on June 25 2000