Review: Spiritual Healing
Magazine: Rock Hard / Germany
Written by: Thomas Kupfer
Published: March 1990

Over the past months, death metal fans had nothing to complain about. Thanks to releases from some promising new bands as Morbid Angel, Morgoth, Autopsy and Obituary.

Nevermind, because "Evil" Chuck with his men obliterate all threat to their reign as the undisputed Kings of the music they created.

"Spiritual Healing" presents a band that has learned through the years, that the necessary loudness isn't only reached by brainless noise and puked vocals, but a constant developement of the own style is a necessary condition for constant success.

Okay, DEATH may not be the speediest combo on earth anymore, but songs like "Altering The Future", "Spiritual Healing", or "Killing Spree" still offer the full sonic barrage you have come to expect, but songs are far more interesting and varied then on the first two albums. A very big NINE.

Thomas Kupfer



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Translated by YK/MM for EmptyWords-Published on February 15 2001