Review: Scream Bloody Gore
Magazine: Rock Hard / Germany
Written by: Thomas Kupfer
Published: July 1987

Finally its been released. After countless demo's, live recordings and rehearsal tapes, the most brutal and heavy underground legends release their first vinyl

From the beginning we were curious about the sound quality of the album. DEATH wouldn't be the first band whose original rawness was destroyed by a bad production, but with "Scream Bloody Gore" this is not the case.

Producer Randy Burns, who already mixed LP's for Megadeth, Possessed and Dark Angel, relied upon his complete experience to lay down a very heavy sound carpet.

I don't need to introduce DEATH's music. The hardcore fans already raised the band to a cult status and the other, "normal" HM-fans will probably neglect to acknowledge this extreme combo.

It's not gonna be the 10, as promised by Götz in issue 12, but the new and original sounding trio easily earn an 8 with songs like "Zombie Ritual", "Baptized In Blood" or "Torn To Pieces".

Thomas Kupfer



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Translated by YK/MM for EmptyWords-Published on February 10 2001