Review: Live in L.A.
Magazine: Rock Hard / Germany
CD/DVD written by: Boris Kaiser / Michael Rensen
Published: October 2001
LP written by: Götz Kühnemund
Published: December 2001



There originally weren't plans to release a Death live CD at all. But due to the deterioration of the condition of mainman Chuck Schuldiner (after a mild recovery), and the need for very expensive surgery, it was decided to release the recordings of the TSOP tour to collect some money.

This decision is more than legitimate, especially because Live In L.A. would have been more than worthwhile under normal circumstances. For more than 70 minutes this disc blasts merciless raw metal out of the speakers, without studio touch-ups. "The Philosopher", "Zero Tolerance", "Zombie Ritual", "Suicide Machine", "Together As One" and "Pull The Plug" are actually live and therefore this disc rather is more like an official bootleg.

Live in L.A. belongs in every metalhead's collection and will hopefully contribute to Chuck's healing process. Perhaps Nuclear Blast will also be able to contribute.

Boris Kaiser




DEATH's near 80 minutes during live performance (recorded in December 1998 in the Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood) solidifies the band's reputation as the figurehead of the death metal scene, even under less than ideal circumstances.

The camera work is hectic, the venue is too dark and the audience is pretty tame, but Chuck Schuldiner (at the time still healthy) and his colleagues Christy, Hamm and Clendenin set off their own musical fireworks. Death metal classics like "The Philosopher", "Suicide Machine", "Zombie Ritual" and of course "Pull The Plug" howl from the speakers surprisingly clearly, without overdubs.

The Americans freak out, as if the devil himself was right behind them. A very entertaining piece of work for a true death metaller, unfortunately it comes without any extra's.

Michael Rensen





This (the CD release has already been reviewed by Boris) live album has also been released now as a limited (2,000 pieces) double LP, and can by no means
be sneezed at by any Schuldiner fan. The sober bootleg lay-out (black cover with a huge Death logo on the front and live pics on the back) somehow fits this
band perfectly. The band is presenting itself as tight and excited to an obviously enthusiastic L.A. audience.

Accompanied with one announcement after another by Chuck (who normaly hardly speaks on stage), a technical, impressive set ("The Philosopher", "Spirit Crusher", "Scavenger Of Human Sorrow", "Zero Tolerance", "Zombie Ritual", "Suicide Machine", "Symbolic", "Pull The Plug" etc) is let unleashed upon us.
This must be worth a few pennys for Death fans, especially since the proceeds will be transferred directly to Chuck.

Rate 8,5
Götz Khnemund


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Translated by YK/MM for EmptyWords-Published on September 25 / November 28 2001