• Wednesday December 29 1999
    It's poll time ! Check out the standings....
  • Tuesday December 28 1999
    Added the 20th century album poll from the Rock Hard/Germany. Check out the TALKS
  • Wednesday December 1 1999
    We are working on profiles of the current bandmembers, Tim has send us his profile already, you can enter them by clicking the faces of the Control Denied bandpicture.
    We hope the other profiles will follow soon.
  • Sunday November 28 1999
    We've added an interview with Chuck Schuldiner, check out the TALKS.
  • Friday November 19 1999
    We got a message today from NBA. Chuck is doing, considering the circumstances, well. The message in the Aardschok is NOT correct........
  • Thursday November 18 1999
    Especially for the Dutch fans, we want to let you know that we are trying to get hold of the truth behind the message about Chuck in the December issue of Aardschok. Sofar we don't have any confirmations whatsoever about it.......
  • Sunday November 7 1999
    We have added the rest of the artwork of The Fragile Art Of Existence
  • Saturday November 6 1999
    From Tim Aymar : "I just got the news tonight about the release being postponed again until the end of this month for here in the US".
  • Thursday November 4 1999
    Available right now in Europe...... The Fragile Art Of Existence

  • Thursday October 28 1999
    We have added the lyrics of "Believe" to the info of The Fragile Art Of Existence, on the WORKS page. Thanks Tim!
  • Saturday October 23 1999
    We have added two reviews of "The Fragile Art Of Existence", check out the VIEWS
  • Monday October 18 1999
    Today we finished the last of the "coming up soon" articles....... check the sitemap to see which articles are new. From now on we will announce new articles on this page.
  • Sunday October 17 1999
    Last news about the release date in Europe: October 25..........and some words from Rock Hard Magazine (Germany) about the Control Denied song Expect The Unexpected.

    "The name Chuck Schuldiner stands for quality. Hence why it is not a big surprise, that on the newborn of his side project Control Denied firstclass guitar play can be heard. But that is not all. There is vocalist Tim Aymar, upgrading the songs in every way, with his powerful organ. And the dynamic production, that makes everything very tasty and balance all instruments optimum. And of course the songs themselves. Compared to Chuck's main band Death, they are clearly more rooted in the progressive power metal quarter. They enchant merely for the technical aspects and the refined arrangements. Finaly not another off-the-peg power metal album, but stuff that is made with great fantasy and love for detail. Please give us more of this!"
  • Wednesday October 6 1999
    Release date US posteponed once more....... october 26 it's what they say now....
  • Sunday October 3 1999
    Some of the words Liz (NBA) has been sending us over the past month concerning Chuck....

    Chuck is home right now. He under went a second set of tests.
    The radiation treatments have broken up the tumor which is a good thing.
    Unfortunately they can tell little more until December ........
    His fans are really keeping him in a positive zone......
  • Saturday September 18 1999
    Release date of Control Denied for the USA has been moved to October 19.
  • Tuesday September 14 1999
    Update from Nuclear Blast America. The release date of Control Denied for the USA will be October 13.
  • Saturday September 11 1999
    Update from Nuclear Blast/Germany

    Control Denied featuring Death's Chuck Schuldiner - the project which has been in the making for what seems like an eternity, will finally make its way to the public on Nov. 8th. Working alongside producer/engineer Jim Morris (producer of Death, Iced Earth & more), the band features Death members Richard Christy (drums) and Shannon Hamm (guitar) , bassist Steve DiGiorgio as well as the killer addition of lead vocalist Tim Aymar (Psycho Scream). The album is a work of metal excellence and a progression of DEATH, that will make history.
  • Tuesday August 31 1999
    For a sneak preview on the new album check out the soundfile at the recordcompany.
  • Thursday August 19 1999
    The new album "The Fragile Art Of Existence" will be released in fall. Underneath the cover done by Travis Smith

  • Thursday July 1 1999
    For Immediate Release ~ Nuclear Blast Records ~ June 30, 1999


Greetings metal people of the world. Usually I wait until the launch of a new record to initiate media contact but for several reasons I'm contacting the world to properly inform everyone as to what is going on with the now completed CONTROL DENIED debut release, "The Fragile Art Of Existence". The album turned out crushing and I promise will be worth the wait and anticipation that has surrounded the birth of this extension of my musical career. Alongside Jim Morris (producer of Death's two previous releases) who has engineered and produced this album, I was thrilled to be joined once again by Richard Christy(drums) and Shannon Hamm (guitar) who both appeared on "The Sound of Perseverance", one of my best friends and favorite bass players, Steve DiGiorgio as well as the killer addition of Tim Aymar of Psycho Scream (vocals)!! We are all very excited about what we have accomplished with this record which contains the same attitude and sincerity that people have come to expect from my passion for trend-free metal! Typically after recording a new record we all go out and celebrate. This time things were different. Toward the end of our time in the studio, I started experiencing some pain in my upper neck which I initially thought was a pinched nerve or strained muscle. Having completed the recording I consulted with a chiropractor followed by a massage therapist and acupuncturist who recommended I go for an MRI which is a special type of x-ray used to get a detailed picture of the nerve and brain tissue. Well, I was right about the pinched nerve but unfortunately it was being caused by a brain stem tumor. At the time of this press release, I am in my fourth week of radiation therapy with some of the most sought-after physicians in the field. I am also blessed with the immense love and support from my family and friends which is such a big part of getting through something like this. To try to put this into simple terms is obviously difficult but let me say this: it is a mind, body and soul expanding experience. The treatment has been going well and with this type of aggressive radiation the prognosis is very good. Patience is something I have learned to embrace in my fourteen years of living music and now it is time to further master the art of patience on my road to recovery. I've always felt a personal connection between the music and the fans/friends who support it. It is that support, that goes beyond the music itself, which I appreciate with all my heart and soul. Let the metal flow...

Sincerely, Chuck Schuldiner

  • Friday June 25 1999
    Steve DiGiorgio finished recording his bass parts for the CONTROL DENIED album being very enthusiastic about the material as well as the vocalist. Tentative release date september...... Chuck is still recovering.
  • Monday June 7 1999
    Chuck Schuldiner was forced to cancel the band's performance at the Gods of Metal Festival in Milan, Italy this past weekend due to a shoulder injury. Doctors are expecting a full recovery. In the meantime, Steve DeGiorgo is completing his parts on the debut from Schuldiner's new band, CONTROL DENIED. The album is planned for a fall release.
  • Thurday May 27 1999
    Chuck is recovering from an injury for at least the next 5 weeks, so Milan won't happen this year.
  • Wednesday April 21 1999
    There have been some shake-ups in the personnel of Death/Control Denied. Due to this, the record may be delayed. Scott is out of the band. I (Paula/Nuclear Blast) am confirming that Steve D (as in Giorgio) is in the band now. The record is delayed as I'm (Paula) hearing Chuck is having Steve rerecord all of Scott's parts.

  • Monday April 12 1999
    Chuck Schuldiner has just finished his new studio record with his new band CONTROL DENIED, titled The Fragile Art Of Existence. The record was recorded at Morrisound Studios with the same line-up as the latest DEATH record The Sound Of Perserverance but has new singer Tim Aymar from Pittsburgh featured. Chuck calls CONTROL DENIED "The evolution of DEATH." Chuck would also like to thank all the readers of Metal Maniacs for voting The Sound Of Perserverance #1 on the reader's poll. The record is scheduled to be released in September of 1999. Also, DEATH will be playing the Gods of Metal festival this June in Milan, Italy with Metallica headlining.

  • Thursday January 14 1999
    The whole Death line-up will be recording in Morrisound in March as Control Denied. It will be released by Nuclear Blast.

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