Review: Human
Magazine: The Final Verdict / USA
Written by: Fox
Published: 1999-2005

Human sees Death continue to evolve, Human while still being rather brutal incorporates more melody and progression, although not as much as would come on the next couple of albums. The music contains a lot of very fast grind sections with more melodic interludes, showing more interesting composition. Its all fronted by Chuck's fierce growls. The guitars are quite thrashy except for the leads, which are a highly melodic eerie glow, I love Death's guitar tones. The musicianship as with any Death album is quite intense, Sean Reinert the drummer and Paul Masvidal the other guitarist would be in Cynic later. There are great guitar leads, some killer drumming, and unfortunately Steve DiGorgio's fantastic bass lines are buried in the production a bit. Song wise there's not an incredible amount of variation, they blast at you at 100 mph and then slow down for melody sections, although those are different enough, all the songs use this basic formula. My three favorite tracks are "Suicide Machine", "Lack of Comprehension" which has a killer intro, kinda Egyptian like, to me, and "Cosmic Sea" which is a really interesting instrumental, some cool tones and such. "See Through Dreams" has a pretty good guitar solo too. Ultimately the album is a little short at 34 min., but it does little to take away from how good it is, although it pales to what Death would do afterwards.

Rating: 8,5


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