Review: Human
Magazine: Proggnosis / USA
Written by: Nuno
Published: January 2002

Death are well known in the metal circles for being the main responsible for the emerging of a new concept of musicality within the heaviest realms of music. By the final years of the eighties and beginning of the 90’s, Scream Bloody Gore but specially Leprosy and Spiritual Healing (the three first albums by this Florida based band) set the path for an huge amount of followers of this new sound: Death Metal.

Chuck Schuldiner, the mentor of the band, decided then to go even further with the bands experiments, developing the sound to a more technical bases while maintaining the speed, distortion and power approach of the main sounding but leaving behind its rough and (fasten becoming) predictable riffs.

Human saw the arrival of Cynic’s Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert to the performer list. This new members were just what Chuck needed to fully develop his wider conceptuality and his true dream of setting new parameters in terms of technical yet still aggressive content. This album is a masterpiece amongst the death metalheads, for the aggressiveness and brutality of the sound remains whilst some progressive elements are added to expand the bands horizons. Listening to Cosmic Sea it becomes obvious the influence of the two ex-Cynic members, for this is a genuine prog metal instrumental piece.

Death continued their pilgrims voyage after Human with the release of other highly innovative works, such as Individual Thought Patterns or Symbolic, but this one is for me, their best achieved album. For it’s the one that marks their most effective and well achieved idealistic set. But the main reason that led me to feature this band/album and the writing of this review, has to do with my will to pay Chuck Schuldiner a deserved homage.

Chuck is no longer amongst us. He was a victim of a cancer that ate his health bet never did broke his spirit. Posthumously, here I grieve for a man that dedicated his life to what were his beliefs and secured a legacy for many bands and fans of the music he set the path for. In my most metallic years, always I admired this band, and I still do.

Thanks for all Chuck, Rest in Peace.


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