Magazine: D.O.D. / France
Article: Corpse Grinding Death Metal
Written by: Ramses II
Published: early '87


DEATH, a band who I'm sure really needs no introduction to our readers!! These deaththrashers have already built a huge following on the strength of their demos. We've been so lucky we can feature an interview with this megathrash band!!! This interview was done with the infamous Chris Reifert.

D.O.D: Well, at first, what is the actual DEATH line up?
Chris: Right now, it's Chuck Schuldiner on vocals and lead guitar, John Hand on rhythm guitar and myself on drums. We are still looking for a bassist.

D.O.D: What are the age of each member?
Chris: I am 18, Chuck is 19 and John is 17.

D.O.D: Talking about the old DEATH members, why did Kam Lee & Rick Rozz leave DEATH in '85?
Chris: Well, Rick was kicked out because he is a fat faggot pussy and Kam flaked out to the extreme.

D.O.D: Why did DEATH split up during '85 when Scott and Matt from GENOCIDE (MI) joined DEATH?
Chris: Well, like a couple of weeks after they moved down and joined, the dick Kam took off, and they couldn't find another drummer, so Scott and Matt had to go back to Michigan, things looked pretty bad.

D.O.D: After that split, Chuck decided to reform DEATH in S.F. with drummer Eric Brecht (ex D.R.I.), but he was kicked out DEATH, why?
Chris: He just wasn't right for the DEATH style, he played all the songs the wrong way, too much of a hardcore style.

D.O.D: Why didn't you play any shows during '86?
Chris: We would have loved to do some shows but without a bassist we really couldn't do it, it's the same way still, unfortunately.

D.O.D: How has the "Mutulation" demo been selling?
Chris: It's not for sale anymore, but it did great. We sold a lot of copies, we were real happy.

D.O.D: Who are your main influences?
Chris: Well, we're all really into SLAYER, SEPULTURA, KREATOR, DARK ANGEL, EXECUTIONNER and other heavy shit like that!

D.O.D: Chris, what do you think of MASSACRE?
Chris: They broke up now, but they werent good enough to lick toe jam!

D.O.D: Why do you live in California now, you don't like the Florida scene?
Chris: What Florida scene? There is none! California blows Florida away!!

D.O.D: What are your feelings on the California thrash scene at the moment, do you like new bands like DESECRATION, INSANITY, WARGOD, NECROPOLIS...?
Chris: It's OK, but too many people have been jumping on the hardcore wagon which isn't too cool, but there's some good bands too like SADUS, ULYSSES,
SIREN, TYRRANICIDE and a few others.

D.O.D: Return in the past, there were some talks during '85 about a DEATH / NYC MAYHEM US tour, but that never happened, why?
Chris: The usual problem, lack of money, it would have cost major bucks, we should be touring NY soon, though after the LP is out.

D.O.D: Borivoj (from VIOLENT NOIZE) tells me that REPULSION broke up and Scott Carlson is joining DEATH, so would you say the band is pretty stable right now?
Chris: I would have, but Scott isn't going to join, I don't think, so, we're still looking for someone to play bass. Fuck!!


D.O.D: Talking now of your debut LP, how long is your contract with Combat Records and how do you like it?
Chris: It's for like four or five LP's, I forget which, but we 're very happy with it. We'd rather be on Combat then any other independent label.

D.O.D: How many songs have you written for this LP, tell us more...
Chris: There' 12 songs on it, and it should be out in April (hopefully). We also got some cool new ones like "Dementia", "Left to Die", "Open Casket", and a few others.

D.O.D: I think you play heavier and better then ever now, why did you change a little in your musical direction?
Chris: We haven't changed that much really, the songs did get more complex, but it's pretty much the same heavy, doomy sound.

D.O.D: Is there any chance thet DEATH will come to Europe in the near future?
Chris: I don't see why not, I would love to. Hopefully like after the second LP we can go there to play.

D.O.D: What do you think of new US bands which play really fast like INSANITY or ARCH ENEMY?
Chris: I haven't heard either of those bands, but I like fast songs as long as there not machine gun speed, I'm not really into million miles-per-hour drumming.

D.O.D: What are your favorite bands for each member?
Chris: Let's see, I really like SLAYER (of course), SADUS, SEPULTURA, DARK ANGEL, John likes the same shit too. SODOM is cool too, Chuck likes pretty much the same stuff too, just anything that's really heavy!!

D.O.D: Do you have any tour plans for the future?
Chris: Fuck yeah!! We should be hitting New York soon hopefully, if everything goes right.

D.O.D: What bands would you most like to play with?
Chris: SLAYER would be intense, I think we might play with POSSESSED or DARK ANGEL when we tour, when we play locally, we will do some shows with SADUS, definitely. They fuckin' rage!

D.O.D: What do you think of the fanzines?
Chris: I think they are great, as long as they don't exist to talk shit like some do.

D.O.D: What are your lyrics about?
Chris: Glad you asked!! Mainly they're about favorite gore flicks like for example: "Torn to Pieces" is about the movie "Make Them Die Slowly" plus we've got songs from "Gates of Hell", "Reanimator" and some others, killer ones!!

D.O.D: Any last comments for the readers of D.O.D.?
Chris: Just watch for the LP "Scream Bloody Gore" soon. Keep thrashing and hopefully we'll see you in the future!! Take it easy!!!

D.O.D: Okay Chris, thanks for the time, you rule!!



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Edited by MM for EmptyWords-Published on December 13 2004