Review: Live in L.A.
Magazine: Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles / USA
Written by: David Perri
Published: October 2001

The vanguard in technical death metal, bar none, Death-- setting the original standard for those who can appreciate an odd time signature-- always had the keen insight and ability to make songs listenable as well as complex. And translated live and well, raw, Death sounds just fine, if not admirable in all its intense 'n complex glory. The fact that Live in L.A. comes off as a veritable Best Of package doesn't hurt either, as all of the signature staples ("Pull The Plug", "Empty Words") and fan favorites ("The Philosopher", "Scavenger Of Human Sorrow") are here.

The production is crisp and clear, and thankfully not the murky bass-heavy monitor sound we've been hearing on live records as of late. Word is that not a note was changed from the original L.A. performance, and that this is the last Death album.

Everyone in the metal community is aware that circumstances have been cruel to main Death man Chuck Schuldiner, Live in L.A. is a testament to a living legend who, hopefully, will be with us for some time to come.

David Perri


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EmptyWords-Published on October 8 2001