Review: The Sound of Perseverance
Magazine: Aardschok / Netherlands
Written by: Robbie Woning
Published: August/September 1998

After the initial failure of his power-metal experiment Control Denied, guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schuldiner has thrown himself with the fanaticism of the old-days on Death again. It's fascinating to see of how little influence the coming and going bandmembers are to the sound of this band. Again "The Sound Of Perseverance", right after the first guitar chords, sounds very familiar.

Death just is Chuck Schuldiner and Chuck Schuldiner just is Death !

Very recognizable also when the bands mastermind gives an extensive solo on top of the acoustic plucking in the middle pieces of "Flesh And The Power It Holds" and the beautiful "Voice Of The Soul".

Recognizable just as much when he comes racing by at full gallop with his complete new band. Whether he names the band Death or Control Denied doesn't seem to make any difference. Guitarist Shannon Hamm and bassplayer Scott Clendenin have played in both bands and some of "The Sound Of Perseverance"-tracks were heard before on some demo's of Control Denied in a more melodic version.

The greatest surprise on "The Sound Of Perseverance" however are Chucks vocals. The obstinate vocalist/guitarist, one of the inventors of the death-grunt, is going a lot higher on this album and reminds of Kreators' Mille Petrozza. It takes a little while to get used to it but this way of singing (?/YK) certainly fits to the music, which takes off where "Symbolic" and "Individual Thought Patterns" ended a few years ago.

"The Sound Of Perseverance" isn't the most accessible Death-cd, even sounds very complex at first, but on behalf of the beautiful double guitarplay, the magnificent heavy riffs and the ingenious way the songs were composed, you have to play it over and over and over again.

Very special is the Priest-cover "Painkiller" on which Chuck serious dares to imitate Rob Halford. People who are still playing "Leprosy" every day probably won't think much of this one, but everybody who wants to put in time learning to know this genius music, buys a treasure.

Robbie Woning


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Translated by YK/AS for EmptyWords-Published on March 31 1999