Magazine: Aardschok-Metal Hammer / Netherlands
Report: Death
Venue: Noorderligt-Tilburg / Netherlands

Written by: Wim Baelus
Published: June 1993


Good Friday 1993.....Jesus died some bygone centuries ago. Filthy pigs that we are we commemorate this sensational event, as an annual habit, a big grave noise happening. Indulging irresistible sinful instincts, which are chiseled in our lost souls for a long time now.

Although Satan's private delegates "Samael"were inglorious canceled from the original announcement it was still gonna be a great pre-easter party. Outside the hall naked frustration ruled, desperate exasperated freaks trying to get tickets in vain. The Noorderligt was, as to be expected, totally sold out, which made the, extremely competent organizer, grin. The big relic that would lift Noorderligt today into a well attended place of pilgrimage, was of course Chuck Schuldiner and his renewed Death.

Respectfully "Leprosy" was started and from that very start the complete hall was shaking, this really was DEATH.
Even with some familiar comrads known from other bands, "our" Chuck resolute led the crowd to hallucinating heights. "Living Monstrosity", "Suicide Machine" and the scarce new work like "Overactive Imagination" were extremely tight and professional blown into the hall. Played by extreme good musicians like Gene Hoglan on drums and Steve DiGiorgio on bass. Newcomer Ralph Santulla proved himself right away, a very versatile gifted guitarist, who got quite some solo space from Chuck and gratefully used it.In a split second his play reminded me vaguely of James Murphy whom he certainly doesn't have to acknowledge as his superior. The new songs smoothly connected with "Human", as Chuck said, there was some more variety.

The sound was manipulated by Scott Burns himself, who specially for this tour came over. Not for nothing, he proved it the entire set, by giving The Noorderligt a Morrisound sound. After playing only "Zombie Ritual" from the debut, Death ended dignified with "Pull The Plug", leaving behind a screaming crowd.......

Wim Baelus

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Translated by YK/AS for EmptyWords-Published on March 31 1999