Review: Leprosy
Magazine: Aardschok / Netherlands
Written by: Stephan Gebédy
Published: October 1988

"Leprosy" is the second album from the Florida Death quartet.

Last year their legendary debut "Scream Bloody Gore" was released, the album everybody had been waiting for for years. SBG undoubtedly was a very strong album, but still missed the aggression that made the old Death demo's (despite the poor sound quality) so very special.

The big man behind Death, "Evil" Chuck, realized it and decided to search new musicians for the next album. He found them in the band Massacre, set up by guitarist Rick Rozz and vocalist Kam Lee. Chuck robbed Massacres guitarist (Rick), bassplayer (Terry Butler) and drummer (Billy Andrews) leaving Kam Lee behind alone.

With these guys he recorded the second album: "Leprosy". A lot better than the debut! It sounds tighter, more musical, heavier and with more speed. The "vocals" are still very nasty. The music is so intense and sickening rough, it's making it one of the 5 best thrash albums ever made! The songs have been put together very well, very speedy stuff alternated with a lot of slow parts that, at times, reminds a little of a more rough played kind of Candlemass, only much better (also on behalf of Dan Johnson's good production).

Adding a second guitar player was a good move, Chuck's melodic solo's are now being varied with Rick Rozz's Kerry King-like heavy guitar play. Marked also is drummer Billy Andrews, who leaves Chris Reifert far far behind.

"Leprosy"s one of those albums you just MUST have. This is the way death/thrash metal should sound!

The best album that's been released this year so far, BUY OR DIE !!!

Stephan Gebédy


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Translated by YK/AS for EmptyWords-Published on March 31 1999