Review: Individual Thought Patterns
Magazine: Aardschok / Netherlands
Written by: Wim Baelus
Published: July 1993

Quite frustrated and mentally battered by his shaky relations with all sorts of people whom he had obliged contacts with in the past few years, the notorious Schuldiner phenomenon made from "Individual Thought Patterns" a comprehensive retaliation.

Almost every song deals with, liars, frauds, thieves, gullibles and hypocrites by whom Chuck feels harmed.

The could be expected after "Human", technically unmistakable is very brilliant and is, as well by Chuck as by the very competent musicians, a perfect interpretation. Loads of charming inventive riffs, smoothly wrapped around cunning constructions and lush supplied with virtual guitar solo force. Some songs like "Overactive Imagination", "Trapped In A Corner", "Mentally Blind" and "The Philosopher" almost drown in their own comprehensives.

Death loving musicians who have any insight in the remarkable capacities of this great band will be fascinated effortless by the entire album, because Chuck never leans on standard patterns. Naive death bangers may miss some straight forward head banging stuff as on "Scream Bloody Gore" and "Leprosy".

Also may be told that the production crashes like thunder! Maybe Scott Burns on some parts underlines the many details of Steve DiGiorgio's bass play somewhat too much......

If the devil played metal he would sound like Deicide........ God on the other hand would create "Individual Thought Patterns" which is not merely a compliment.

Wim Baelus


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Translated by YK/AS for EmptyWords-Published on April 8 1999