Review: Human
Magazine: Aardschok / Netherlands
Written by: Robert Heeg
Published: December 1991

After all the commotion about canceling the European tour at the end of last year followed by the bands splitting up it was about time for Death head Chuck Schuldiner to revenge himself with a high level piece of work. "Human" had to prevent the name Death becoming a farce.

Well, Chuck succeeded in this and even surpasses all previous releases. No matter how much we would like to punish him for letting down (more than once) his fans, this shocking release just is not a matter of argument.

In a 35 minutes hurricane the man justifies his fame as the death metal king.

The clever thing about it is that besides being one of the inventors of the genre, he always is one of the leading re-newers. With the help of the fabulous Cynic musicians Paul Masvidal (guitar) and Sean Reinert (drums) and Sadus' Steve DiGiorgio (bass) he again pushes back the borders within a jammed genre by miles.

Underneath the well known heavy riffs he now shifts in sparkling, almost jazzy, kind of rhythms without getting as far as Atheist.

The current Death is not very easy to listen to at first. But listening more than once to songs like "Together As One", the teasing "Secret Face" or the heavy "Lack Of Comprehension" you are attached.

Special attention for "Cosmic Sea", Death's first instrumental and immediately a very good one. The spacy keyboards demand a leading part but there's room enough for some shocking solo's of both Masvidal and Chuck himself.

"Human" also reveals where Scott Burns is capable off having a larger budget and more time.

Don't be fooled, "evil" Chuck is back and he is angry!!!

Robert Heeg


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Translated by YK/AS for EmptyWords-Published on March 31 1999